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BBQ Butler Poultry Sheers

  • SHARP - Beefy blades with a wide jaw opening can tackle heavy-duty jobs. Micro serration at the blade's edge help "grip" to avoid blade slippage. Cut right OR left-handed
  • STRONG - Constructed from stainless steel, these full-tang scissors are at your command to make even the most demanding cutting jobs safe and easy. Ergonomic handles fit comfortably in your grip
  • SAFE - BBQ butler spatchcock shears have an upward-angled bottom blade to help guide cuts when they are challenging to visualize.  An automatically rebounding hinge provides relief from hand fatigue
  • VERSATILE - Not just for the birds! Snip through shellfish, clip herbs, slice veggies, bone, and portion fish, bacon, beef, and pork. You will wonder what you ever did without them
  • ON-THE-GO - These heavy-duty kitchen shears are perfect for use wherever quick and clean cuts are needed: kitchen, grilling, camping, or hunting.  A safety lock at the handle's base offers protection when not in use.
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