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BBQ Dragon Chimney of insanity


We GUARANTEE  that the Chimney of Insanity is the best chimney you’ve ever used. Check out these reviews:

Brian: “This is a awesome chimney. Fastest lighting chimney I’ve ever used. Wind does not effect lighting since your fire is in the elbow. Pair it with the fan and you can be cooking in no time.”

Ray Alsobrook: “I have tried a few charcoal chimneys over the years. Generally with unsatisfactory and at best inconsistent results. This one is completely different. It actually works as advertised every time. I have had great success placing a single Weber Lighter Cube in the 90 degree elbow. Could not be more pleased.”

Customer: 5.0 out of 5 stars “An awesome product: This is the best charcoal starter I have ever used, it makes preparation significantly quicker.

Butterfly: “I bought this as a gift for my grill loving husband; he had been eyeing it for a while. He loves it; he says it gets the charcoal going much faster. Because this chimney gets going so fast, you don’t loose too much of your fuel; so you are able to use more fuel for the cook.”

Customer: “Great thing to use when you want fast coals. I only use charcoal grills and sometimes you just want to grill a piece of meat for dinner. This is perfect to get it done fast without waiting for ever.”

Add fuel from the side. Use a fan. It’s a better chimney


  • Starts charcoal faster than old-style chimneys, and is easier to use and looks great!
  • Features a 90 DEGREE ELBOW that sticks out one side, which allows you to insert fuel from the side.
  • Can be used with a BBQ Dragon fan in the side hole to turn the chimney into a charcoal blast furnace
  • Also use as a high-temperature, forced-air cooking stove when paired with a side fan.
  • The most advanced and beautiful charcoal chimney available.
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