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BBQ Dragon Double-extreme grill light


The Double Extreme Grill Light features two super-bright LED Lamps on two extra-long flexible goosenecks, mounted to BBQ Dragon’s famous wide-grip heat-resistant clamp. Powered by 4 AA batteries, this light mounts on any gas or charcoal grill, lights a huge area, and lasts all night.

Light both sides of large BBQ grills. Or light your grill and your work surface. Or, light two grills, up to 3 feet apart! No light fits more grills than the Double Extreme Grill Light.  18” long stainless flexible goosenecks allow you to perfectly position the lights for any application.

BBQ Dragon’s wide-grip clamp opens nearly 3 inches wide, to mount just about anywhere. The handles of the clamp are specially off-set at 90 degrees to the jaws, to keep the handles cool while the clamp is attached to hot grills. The handles hold 4 AA batteries (not included) that are good to power the lamps for up to 20 hours.

High-tech LED lamps feature 12 LED bulbs each, for bright and efficient light that lasts a life time with no burn-outs. The double lamp and gooseneck is a world’s first – and only from BBQ Dragon.

Great for grills, camping, and auto-repair. Easily positioned as a super-bright double head flashlight for emergencies. Clips to cars, work benches, tents, cabinets, tables… this is the most versatile and adjustable light available anywhere for any purpose.

Striking design and extreme functionality make this a classic BBQ Dragon grill accessory.

Heavy duty construction for long life: Coated steel clamp with silicone grips, aluminum lamp housings for durable heat-resistance, and stainless steel goosenecks. Just wipe with a damp cloth to clean. Full one-year warranty and BBQ Dragon Quality.


WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


  • The most versatile and powerful grill light ever created.
  • Two super-bright LED lamps, mounted on two extra-long flexible goosenecks.
  • Super-efficient LED technology. Stays bright all night.
  • Light your cooking surface and your work table!
  • Famous BBQ Dragon Heat-resistant Clamp – clip it anywhere!
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