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BBQ Dragon Stainless Steel Smoker Box


You don’t need a $1000 smoker to get the smoked flavor in your grilled meats: Just fill this heavy-duty smoker box with wood chips and place over the flame. The wood chips release smoke through the holes in the stainless steel box and add the great taste of real smoked barbecue – no matter what kind of grill you cook on!

Works in any gas grill, any charcoal grill. Fill the smoker box with wood chips like Hickory, Apple, or Mesquite, and place the smoker box directly over the flames in your grill. The heat will cause the wood chips to begin releasing smoke, but the closed smoker box prevents the chips from completely catching fire, so they continue to release clean delicious smoke for hours.

Made from extra-thick stainless steel to prevent warping like cheaper smoker boxes. Has a hinged lid for ease of use: Just open the lid to add more chips, then close the lid and keep grilling! (Use protective gloves when handling, please.)  Designed with just the right number of holes, because too many holes let in oxygen that will cause the chips to burn too fast, but too few holes don’t release smoke effectively.

Now you can get the great taste of smoked chicken – in your gas grill. Barbecue ribs, brisket, roasts – and all with authentic smoked flavor. It’s the convenience of propane with the smoke of wood and charcoal. You can add extra smoke flavor to meat when using your charcoal grill, even while cooking with plain charcoal. Place the smoker box on your grate over the hot coals, or on the charcoal grate next to the coals, let it get hot, and watch the smoke pour out.

A must-have BBQ accessory for any griller, now in a larger size for longer cooking and more smoke. Fits any grill.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


  • Turns any grill into a smoker.
  • Just add wood chips and place over flames.
  • Extra-thick Stainless Steel prevents warping.
  • Hinged lid for easy use.
  • Larger size for longer cooking.
  • Perfect for: Ribs, Brisket, Chicken.
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